Basic Jewelry


Minimum of 20 pcs

With your choice of 2 color plating/ 2 color stones).

*The prices shown are FOB prices.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Minimum order of 20 pcs per design(with your choice of 2 color plating/ 2 color stones).

Payment Term:

  • 30% deposit before production
  • 70% balance before shipment

Production time:

  • 6-8 weeks after the deposit is received

Transactions fee:

  • We require payment to be made in full amount as shown on the pro-forma invoice, as standard practice, customers are responsible for all the processing fees.

Insurance fee:

  • CIF prices per request which will cover the delivery, insurance and any handling cost.

Delivery details:

  • Shipping charge can only be calculated once an order is ready to ship as it depends entirely on the finished weight. The freight charge will be billed to the final invoice.
  • The shipment can be delivered through FedEx, UPS or any other logistic company’s customers preferred.
  • Please inform us, if you want to use your own carrier account.
  • If extra importation forms from Thailand are needed, please kindly inform us in advance.

Custom designs

Custom designs

Create your own jewelry collection can never be easier by sending us your rough sketch idea, mood board, Instagram post or any of your inspiration. Our experienced, passionate team will respond to your individual needs – tailored the designs to meet the demands of your market and your brand aesthetic preferences.

Custom designs

Customer design

Minimum of 50 pcs

With your choice of 3 color plating/ 3 color stones).

*The prices shown are FOB prices.

Terms and Conditions:

  • A minimum of 50 pcs per design for custom designs

Professional Sketch and CAD

  • Turn Customer idea into professional sketch is Free of Charge
    Our designer team will provide full support in co-developing the designs made specifically/uniquely for your brand.
  • We suggest solutions and offer the choices of new materials available on the market, and make it technically functional, while optimizing the weight or finding solutions to reach the price target.
  • CAD sketch is also complimentary (Additional Fee when the number of revisionsexceed 2 times) revised CAD3rd times or more will be charge USD $50 each time for expenses/labor hour and any involved in making proposed alterations

Master Mold Charge:

  • Master Mold charge includes Wax /Resin Printing, Rubber or Silicon Mold and Laser engraving.
  • Mold is Free of Charge once your order has reach 100 pcs.Mold Charge will be deducted from your first order.
  • The Mold charge is starting from USD $100 (depending on the complication of the designs)
  • Any modification or changes on the mold that has been approved will be treated as a new mold with additional charge applies.

Sample Piece:

  • Customer will be notified once the sample is ready. If customer would prefer to see the actual finished piece first in order to evaluate the quality of our jewelry before placing a bulk order, Basic Jewelry can provide mailing service with additional fee.

Customer Privacy Policy:

  • The ownership of the designs, sample and molds remain the intellectual property of the Customer and will be manufactured exclusively for your company once the mold charge has been paid
  • Basic Jewelry is not responsible for any intellectual property rights related to third-party. Customer agreed and accepted that the design has not been copied or breaks any intellectual property law of any third parties.

Exclusivity Contract:

Exclusivity Contract:

  • We are also offering an exclusivity of certain designs within your country. The agreement needs to be renewed annually.
  • Following is our requirement for the exclusivity
First order

Total annually

Minimum of 100 pcs

Cumulative number of order pieces with various orders are acceptable and total must be =/> 200 pcs within 1 year

  • If customer has failed on the agreement. The exclusivity contract will be considered void.