colour trends

It’s time to dive into the colour trends of 2022, Based on Creative Thailand article which shares their predictions for Global trends for the up-coming year. Their research summary has combining with the Trend Fore casting and Analytics at WGSN and colour experts at Coloro.

We are now exploring some new colour trends which hopefully will inspire jewelry designers to create something new and refreshing collection.

Jenny Clark, Head of Colour at WGSN stated, “This season’s colours are driven by a desire to be uplifted and energized while staying grounded and balanced. Consumers will reconnect with tones that spark joy, whether from a nostalgic or a sensorial experience. These colours will either ground or entice us with their delicious and textural charm.”

So we use this trend guide and come up with some material suggestions for those who keen to play with the trend

Anise flower : a creamy shade of butter

The colour reflect the sense of well-being, comforting quality and relaxation

Festival fuchsia : an electrifying pink

An intense, hyper-real and energizing quality colour creates a sense of positivity and escapism.

Radiant Yellow : a yellowish orange

The colour represents the optimism and hopeful for the brighter future

Stratosphere : a calming blue

The colour represents current climate situation and also the colour is associated with sky and sea. It gives the sense of grounded and reassuring.

Acid Lime : a fluorescent hue with a mixture of yellow and green

The Colour represents the creativity, unexpected event and almost artificial

Purple rose : Purple

It has been described as a mixture of purple and pirouette pink. The colour is used to release stress and also represents strength and magical.

Java : Dark brown

The Colour represents the nature and it gives the senses of warmth and comfort.